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Egg Freezing Medication Money

Yes, medication money honey! If you are contemplating egg freezing, remember the cost of medication is separate from the cost of egg freezing and cost to store your eggs post procedure.

Ask the fertility clinic if financial aid is available. Some fertility clinics offer income based financial aid. Be prepared to show supporting income documentation (ie. W-2 or tax returns) to substantiate your financial aid request or application.

Check to see if your health insurance plan covers egg freezing. Some health plans will provide coverage based on certain conditions. Just pick up the phone and contact or email your health plans customer service.

Research loan options to cover egg freezing and medication costs. Some lenders specialize in financing fertility options. Examples include Fertility Finance, CAPEXMD, or Egg Fund.

Visit Resolve, the National Infertility Association's webpage for a comprehensive list of financing options and rebate programs.

If you feel this medication money post is beneficial, please be sure to leave a comment.

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