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Freezing Eggs

This is a journey I decided to embark a year and a half ago around late 2019. The journey of freezing eggs. I had trepidation like most especially since I was in my late thirties making inquiries related to freezing my eggs. It started with sharing my interest with my OB/GYN after I visited the fertility specialist for a general visit. Once I expressed my interest with my OB/GYN she offered more information to other fertility clinics in the greater metropolitan area where I reside. My OB/GYN checked my AMH hormone level.

Pause. You may want to know what AMH stands for. You are probably doing a web search or google search now. AMH stands for anti-mullerin hormone level. I think you should research AMH levels and why it is important in knowing about your fertility.

Returning to the story. After my fertility specialist reviewed my AMH levels from lab results, the specialist presented three different options/plans. I often referred to them as packages. The highest package was $18,000 and the lowest package was $7,500. These figures did not include the cost of the medication.

The cost of medication and retrieval was not as alarming as the risks shown in the education videos. Of course, any medical procedure has health risks. The videos were very explicit on the types of health risks. I wasn't sure if I was ready to embark on the journey. Besides 2020 was approaching and I had an international trip to visit my other half in less than 35 days. Who knows? We thought conception might happen. If it did, I wouldn't be writing about this journey of egg freezing now.

I return to the US late February 2020. We all know the story of 2020. Endless shutdowns due to the pandemic. Specialty care is one of the impacted health services. I waited until services reopened and inquired if I could resume the plan to freeze my eggs. So I did.

In October 2020, I started the egg freezing process. I learned all things fertility in just a short period of time. I guess because I was living in the dark ages and never knew much about birth control. I started out on birth control for 13 days. Remember everyone's process and experience is different. Those 13 days of birth control were filled with nausea and achiness. Then came the self-injections, blood draws, and ultrasounds that were frequent. I probably watched the videos for each vial of medicine about twenty times before self injecting myself. I'll spare all the daily details, save the things to consider, and expect for a future post. I am happy to report my eggs were retrieved on Thanksgiving Day 2020.

As I write now the last day of February 2021, I am bloated and happy that I am midway through the cycle toward my second retrieval. It's 10:30 pm. This side sleeper will be definitely sleeping on her back and out the door before 6:30 am to make her 7:15 am ultrasound and bloodwork appointment.

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