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How To Use Albuterol Inhaler Without Spacer

Still, this video provides instructions on how to use an inhaler without a spacer. - Carrying an inhaler without a spacer is more convenient, but it is not the. First, remove the cap from the bottom of your inhaler. When you get your new inhaler from the pharmacy, you need to “prime” or “waste” it by spraying the medicine into the air 4 times. Now, fit your inhaler into the opening at the end of the spacer.

Shake the inhaler. 1. Remove mouthpiece cap from your inhaler and shake inhaler for 5-10 seconds. 2. Attach inhaler to spacer and then remove mouthpiece cap from spacer. 3. Hold spacer with the inhaler canister upright. 4. Breathe out fully (in preparation to inhale medication). 5. Tilt head back slightly and put spacer to mouth and close lips around the


How To Use Albuterol Inhaler Without Spacer - Discount Place

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